Die Cut Felt KITS

Die cut kits are sets of arranged pre-cut felt pieces you need to complete the shown item. All of the individual pieces in a kit are precision pre-cut. You begin your applique immediately. Simply arrange as shown and applique (sew) using embroidery floss. Kits do not come with embroidery floss. I use DMC Brand Cotton, 6 Strand Embroidery Floss. Use 2 strands for decorative stitching, 1 strand for utility stitching, or smaller felt pieces.  You can use a light swipe of a regular glue stick across only the center of a die cut piece to make it stick while you sew the edges, or straight pins. No tracing or tedious hand cutting. Not only will you enjoy the precision and accuracy, this is also a tremendous time saver, resulting in a less stressful project.